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In a Practitioner's own words about the importance of a practicuum that gives you the knowledge and experience that you need to have a successful practice:

"I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar. In school, I have heard even Chinese TCM doctors say that pulses are too difficult to learn and the information is not worth the trouble. In clinics, I have heard many practitioners say that they no longer check pulses because they aren't good at taking them or at using the information.After attending your seminar I have a much deeper appreciation of how important the pulses are in designing acupuncture treatments that are truly effective and not just random attempts to apply a protocol to a set of symptoms. I have also gained first-hand insight into how a pulse-balancing treatment can be a major catalyst for change.I think we are very fortunate that you have chosen to teach these skills to a wider segment of the profession. So few practitioners that I know use the pulses and I imagine even fewer can teach others in a way that is practical and offers immediate demonstration of the pulses' utility.Thank you again for sharing your experience, knowledge and insights with us. I am looking forward to attending this seminar again. There is so much more to learn."

"I would absolutely recommend this class to other acupuncturists as it would clearly raise the level of practice in our field as our field becomes prone to new fangled quick-fix styles … a fresh & very practical application of our deep tradition.” KH"

Martha provided me with new pictures and experience of the pulse movements. I will be growing with this process for some time. Thank you! SR

I wanted to share what a great experience I had this weekend. I took Dr. Martha Lucas's pulse seminar and learned how to really balance pulses. If you feel that you are constantly charting the same few pulses and not really growing much I highly recommend her course. It will make you a better practitioner because you'll have more understanding. If she is coming to your area you must go and if she's not, write her an email and ask her to visit or take her class in Denver. It was the best CEU I've ever taken because I can apply the skill right now and help people more. Feel free to ask questions! I also would like to share that one of my patients reported back to me this morning about her treatment yesterday and she said that she felt like a weight was lifted off her body and spirit and that she felt whole.

“Martha brought pulse diagnosis alive for me for the first time by giving me a system to work with & the sense that I can begin using it right away.” MT

"Thank you. I believe that my practice will be greatly improved with the implementation of this new information." JH

"Offers a real tool for integrating pulse diagnosis with treatment in a meaningful way." WD

"Money well spent. It was worth every penny." RS

"Thank you. I will look forward to more." CV

"Great teacher, keeps you interested and involved." BE

"Best pulse teaching I've ever received. Dr. Lucas is interesting, engaging, and knowledgeable".

"The course exceeded my expectations. I didn't want it to end. Martha was available and generous in her instructions and feedback. We can immediately apply this knowledge to our practices."

This course will radically change my point prescriptions and practice due to added information obtained from the pulse reading and analysis you teach. Thank you!!"
"Thank you for sharing this information. Pulses are difficult enough, this make reading and diagnosing easier."

"I wish Dr. Lucas would teach more courses in my area because I would take all of her courses. She is amazing!"

"I have a much better understanding of the pulse than I had before."

"This makes so much sense .... why didn't they teach us this in school?"

"Great class! A nice balance between practical and theory."

"Love it - hands on practice is the best way to learn."

"Martha's knowledge of pulse synergy is rich and fun. Very good mix of theory and practice. The bonus of point prescriptions was a gift."

"I want you to know how inspiring you were to me at the last seminar. I would love to treat people who are taking an active role in their own recovery like you do in your practice. That would be my ideal practice."


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