Lucas Pulse Disgnosis Seminars

Tired of all pulses feeling “slippery” or “thin and wiry?”

Many acupuncturists/practitioners of TCM don't know how to make a proper, adequate, and detailed diagnosis when seeing patients. They "guess" about the diagnosis according to the symptoms or worse, they ask the patient what his or her diagnosis is(!).

...then you need to take pulse diagnosis courses from Martha Lucas. In Dr. Lucas' opinion, the diagnosis is the most important part of your practice because effective treatments are based on correct diagnosis.
You won't learn this system from anyone else and this is one of those unique opportunities for you to participate in the best way to learn: supervised practice in a small class.

If you want to add the value of:

  • knowing how to make excellent diagnoses that will improve your effectiveness of your treatments (and thereby bring you more patients)
  • getting a reputation as an excellent diagnostician
  • improving your income
  • working in small groups with Dr. Lucas

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Martha Lucas teaches the Pulse Balance System in a course that will positively affect your practice on a deep level. Her teaching is clear and practical and the course that has been called "a break through course in pulse diagnosis."

Lucas will demonstrate what a normal, balanced pulse feels like and how to determine the effectiveness of your treatment as you give it. You will discover how the flow of Qi from organ system to organ system is the key to effective diagnosis and treatment. Pulse diagnosis is so much more than "slippery and wiry". It is where you meet the patient; it is the patient's story.

Class class size is very limited in order to maintain the quality of the supervised practice.

In these courses learn about:

  • Practical Training in Pulse Balancing System
  • Treating Infertility
  • Treating depression, anxiety and other emotional conditions
  • Difficult Cases
  • and there are selected readings, discussion, required number of case studies, and supervised practice

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I offer this seminar in a Spirit of Gratitude to my mentor, Jim Ramholz.

Pulse Mentorship with Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac.
Sunnyvale, CA March 25 & 26 and Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 in person meetings with Skype meetings in between.
Email to register and put down your deposit.

Lucas Pulse Diagnosis Clinical Mentoring Program in Sunnyvale (Yes. Dr. Lucas is bringing her expertise to you - you don’t have to travel.)
Pulse diagnosis is the most profound skill that you will learn and one of my passions is to share valuable pulse diagnosis information with you to help you become an incredible diagnostician.

When you are an expert medical diagnostician:
+you give more effective treatments,
+have more patients,
+command greater respect in your community, and
+have increased success. Your business grows!

What makes this mentoring program the best? It’s not just all talk; you will see how it works during the supervised practice. You will see how acupuncture points shift the energies in people’s bodies. That kind of experience during a course is extremely valuable. And, it will be in small groups.

People who have taken the course say:
"I have spent years struggling with pulse diagnosis and Dr. Lucas made it come alive for me in an understandable way.”
“My patients noticed the difference in their treatments right away after I started using Dr. Lucas’ pulse diagnosis method.”

This is a multifaceted year long program that includes in person supervised practice and mentoring. I show you how my pulse diagnosis method works in treatment. That’s right: in this program you will not only feel pulses, you will feel them before, during, and after needling. Don’t know depression’s signature in the pulses? I will show you. Don’t know how cancer feels? I will show you. Let me amaze you.

1. Build your practice and make more money by being known as an expert in diagnosing the causes of symptoms quickly and correctly

2. Receive training from classical theory that is explained in modern terms.

3. Learn to help your patients help themselves by understanding pulse diagnosis

4. Receive more referrals

Class schedule
The course meets in person 2 times a year and includes 6 thirty minute Skype (or Face time) private personalized meetings. Dr. Lucas offers unparalleled support and guidance to those who want to become experts in pulse diagnosis!
FIRST weekend: March 25 & 26; SECOND weekend: Sept. 30, Oct. 1.
Earn CEUs
For each 2 day in person seminar we offer 14 CA & FL, 14 IL, and 12 NCCAOM PDA units.

This is the best investment that you will make in yourself and your long term practice.
Early registration 2 months prior to the seminar dates is $1850 (a $200 non-refundable deposit is due at that time and I will honor the $1850 price until your payments are complete which must be 2 weeks prior to the course dates); the cost thirty days before the first weekend of the course is $1975 and less than 30 days in advance the cost is $2100. I require a minimum of 6 participants with a maximum of 9 to maintain the high quality of the supervised practice experience.


Email for the specifics.



Upcoming Seminars:

Practical training in the Pulse Balancing System:

*class sizes are small and registration ends one month prior to the seminar dates so register early

Comment from recent class:
"Our pulse diagnosis training before this was empty, and now it is full!"
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